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Be part of the Win-Win

Become a member and receive exclusive offers from WishService Platform's network of partners.

WishService Platform

is a connection of local businesses to our network of products and services. Our purpose is to deliver extra value to our clients. As a member, you will receive unique offers from WishService Platform's network of partners.

Benefits of WishService Platform


Collaborate with local businesses


Offer Discounts and benefits


3,000 customer base and business relationship


Credible and reliable

Facts about WishService Platform

We are now having partnerships with
over 10 local businesses
in our networks.

We are here to provide you with additional benefits with the WishService Platform if you are part of our Wish Family members and subscribe our services.

How WishService Platform Works

Beige Olive Green Company Fresh and Friendly Company Website (1)_edited.png

Be part of Wish Family members

Obtain local business vouchers

Use the voucher to make a purchase from the selected merchants

Enjoy your deals!





Be our Partner Now

By becoming a partner, you'll gain access to our extensive network of products and services, allowing you to deliver extra value to your clients. As a member, you'll receive exclusive offers from our network of partners, enabling you to enhance your offerings and attract more customers.


Don't miss out on this chance to expand your business and connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Join us today and let's grow together!

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