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Galley & Events

Introducing you WISHHUB

A place where a bunch of young entrepreneur who work together to turn their wishes into reality.

Introducing you WISH’s FOUNDER -
Wymond Lim Yong Wei.

A live moment on where a 90’s achieved his highest throne - “GROUP MANAGER” in GREAT EASTERN & SUPERGROUP at the age of 28.

Introducing you one of the WISHER -
Shaylee Soon Kai Xin from Labuan. 

A fast forward on her journey with WISH TEAM and how she slowly turn all her wishes into reality.

Introducing you WISH HUB 2.0

The wait is finally over! We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Wish Hub 2.0. The second branch of wish team advisory.

Wish Team Advisory Internship 2023
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